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Textile Designer / Home & Apparel

Hello 2017!

Just a few hours to go before the ball drops! I hope to be better in writing in 2017 as I am in taking photos for my IG page! My second love is photography, something I've just recently discovered after acquiring my iPhone. I think naturally, it comes hand in hand with what I do. Anything visual, anything beautiful, anything that moves me, anything that can tell a story through a photo - I am drawn to. I whip out my iPhone to catch that brief moment of photo perfection. Along with writing, I will continue to search for those perfect moments to inspire me in my designs. Even when that inspiration comes during the wee hours of the night, doodling on my nightstand. I can take that one instance and make it to something bigger! 

 I am thankful for the past year and can only hope for even better things in the coming months. I will continue to surround myself with positive vibes and keep the energy alive within my family, my circle of friends and my passion for the arts. 

So much to live for! So much to check off on my bucket list! I am blessed and am always thankful for that. I look forward to more brighter days in 2017!